Explore How We Can Assist in Relieving Fissures.

Fissures, cracks in the skin, can range from minor irritations to serious medical concerns. Deep fissures, commonly found on heels or between toes, may impede daily movements and increase infection risks.

Causes of Fissures
Pressure on exposed foot areas or fungal infections like athlete’s foot can lead to fissures. Dry skin, bacterial infections, eczema, diabetes, and circulation issues heighten susceptibility.

Visible cracks, tears, or grooves in the skin, especially painful between toes or when walking, indicate fissures.

Fissures are typically diagnosed visually, with blood tests performed if infection is suspected.

For minor fissures, deep moisturizers and proper hydration suffice. Topical creams, pumice stone exfoliation, and orthotics aid healing. Further evaluation by a podiatrist is recommended for persistent pain or compromised immunity.

Athlete’s Foot-Related Fissures
Fungal creams and foot hygiene combat fissures concurrent with athlete’s foot.

Regular foot washing, moisturizing, and avoiding outdoor barefoot activity minimize fissure risks. Prompt treatment prevents infections, crucial for patients with underlying health conditions.